Squatting on Stonewall was a project commissioned by VICE Magazine. Hugh Ryan and Avram Finkelstein assembled a group of artist to respond to the Gay Liberation Monument sculptures by George Segal that are located across from the Stonewall Inn Bar. We were given a series of photographs of the sculptures and their surroundings and asked to respond to them or to imagine what a new tribute/memorial could look like.

My contribution is a xeroxed collage out of the photographs provided overlayed with an original text written by myself in English and translated into Spanish by Marco Antonio Huerta.

This collage considers the continued surveillance and criminalization of marginalized communities and predicaments of (non)personhood and (non)citizenship along with (in)visible and (un)recognizable bodies and partial fingerprints as tactics of resistance. All of this scheming and imagining takes place in a New York City whose architecture has been scrambled and reclaimed.

This collage is available to be produced for exhibitions as a take-a-way or wall piece.