A collaboration with New York artist Kate Huh and the West End Artist archive at the Leslie/Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, West End-neverending is a new commission for the exhibition Cock, Paper Scissors at the ONE Archive at The University of Southern California opening in April of 2016. Kate makes the collages sourcing materials from the West End Archive and the New York Public Library Pictures Collection. I then embroider the collages to make a series of scrolls. The collaboration is on-going and will result in a multitude of scrolls that explore the erotic, the formation of language, the kinship of gay men, lesbians, and trans people, surveillance, control, and art history.

The embroideries measures 5" x 27" and are sewn with a single stand of thread.

A full color catalog of Cock, Paper, Scissors will be available in June of 2016.