The tentatively titled Portraits 2012- is an on-going works-in-progress project. Each embroidery is single-strand cotton-on-cotton and measures 4" x 6". The project began in 2011 and documents members of the artistic, activist, performance, film, dance, and musical community I feel part of in New York City and Brooklyn.

Ariel Speedwagon and  Princess Tiny and the Meats

Theodore Kerr //2012

Che Gossett with Janet Mock's book Redefining Realness

Kate, Blaise and Nogga //2011

Jack Water and Sur Rodney (Sur) New York City, NY. 2013

Buzz Slutzky //2012

Daniel Rosza Lang/Levitsky  Based on an image by GIRLRAY

Jenny Romaine and Kubby Bear, Work Hard Stay Hard, IDA

José Esteban Muñoz  and Jeanne Vaccaro, Dyke March 2012


Sarinya Srisakul  

Glenn Marla at The Big Fat Flea  

Zafire and Rio  in Stockholm, Sweden.

Free CeCe //2012

Chaplain Christopher Jones  

Alice O'Malley with Nelson 2015

Niknaz, Cherry Grove, Fire Island  

David Sokolowski and Michael Tikili