This project is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS.

Images are from Cycle 1 of exhibition Studio Views: Craft in the Expanded Field at Museum of Arts and Design (Fall of 2017, NYC). Started in 2013 in Brooklyn, the piece traveled with me to Joshua Tree where I worked on it for two years, and then back to MAD where the majority of the work was done.

Project Statement (also a work-in-progress)

VanDykesTransDykesTransVanTransGrandmxDykesTransAmDentalDamDamn is a large scale fiber collage of a post-apocalyptic speculative conversion van that is still in progress. Constructed of materials such as shoelaces, recycled bike inner tubes, LEDs, zippers, patchwork black leather, and metal studs, the piece pays homage to pioneering lesbian, queer, and transgender histories and ruminates on the promises and problems of queer and alternative kinship structures, nomadism, landlessness, movement, and identity.

Tactics of humor, deviance, endurance and reslieince serve as an entryway to address my anxiety over imminent environmental and economic collapse while simultaneously examining my roots as a third generation Detroiter who grew up steeped in car culture and how to imagine what could emerge out of these events/identity. The project remixes multiple published narratives that document queer/transgender conversion van culture including an article on the Van Dykes, a lesbian van gang that traversed North America in the 1970s, by Ariel Levy that appeared in The New Yorker in 2009 and Vanifesto, a zine by Haddasah Damien about contemporary queer and trans people who today have revived the transient and creative culture of van gangs.

The future holds: finishing the fiber components of the work, creating illuminated headlights through programmed LEDs, and cultivating a collection of mix-tapes for the tape deck from artists and musicians across the world, and prepping it for eventual installation on a wall.

Images by Talisman Brolin